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Project Status

Phase 1 - Reconstruction


Phase 2

Land acquisition, Orphanage, Medical Clinic and Pharmacy, School Reconstruction including Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary school, Vocational School, Sports and Recreational Centers, Livestock Breeding, Senior center.

Many children are forced to live in the streets because of lack of resources. They are malnourished and has no access to medical care. We would like to provide them with a loving environment and a nurturing place to call home. These children will be prepared for life in their community as valuable contributing members who demonstrate strong Christian values. 

Land acquisition

 Plan under way to purchase 3 pieces of properties adjacent to our main location; currently working on the value of these properties.  Once we get that, we will submit an offer to acquire these properties.


Build our orphanage in Kenscoff and have just one central location.    Our facility will be state-of-the-art with solar panels providing electricity.  Have a full kitchen to serve our community and be a central location for food distribution in case of any major disasters. 

Sports & Recreational Center

In our area, there is no recreational complex or even a park for our youngsters.  We will work with local authority to acquire land so that we can have a complex for recreation, a park with walking paths, Tennis, Basketball and Soccer fields.

Health & Dental Clinic, Pharmacy

A full service health & dental clinic, pharmacy to serve patients in the community as well as the kids in the complex.  All of our building complexes will be solar powered to help us maintain a safe environment.  All of our facility will be fenced up and have video security to help monitor for safety.

Vocational Center

Build a vocational center that teaches art and crafts, basic computer skills, Music, Carpentry, Nursing Assistant, Electricity, Mechanic, and Masonry.  During our construction phases, a group of student will be selected to work as to gain real time knowledge whether in  masonry, carpentry as well as electricity.

Phase 3

Agriculture & Livestock Breeding: Help educate farmers on how to utilize the land properly to make it more resourceful, help with irrigation.  Train farmers on the proper use of pesticides for their plants.  Manage small farms and make sure we have the right amount of capacity to help feed our children and others in the community

Livestock breeding: Including but not limited to cows, goats and chickens.

Have a separate area for each one of the animals.  With the chicken we can produce eggs; have a dairy farm where we can produce both milk and cheese.

Our main vision is to promote a hand up to the community.  We would like to see each and everyone in the immediate community be able to sustain him/herself.

Phase 4

SENIOR CENTER: We have seen neglect in Haiti of the elderly. They are the one most forgotten members of the Haitian Society.  We've witnessed how bad the elderly have been treated after the earthquake that ravaged Haiti and they were the last to receive any aid and support.  

After careful consideration we, the board members of International Children Rescue Ministries, Inc, found it in our hearts and decided to reinforce the care that the elderly receive and also be another avenue of responding to their needs. To do that we put it in our plan and projects to have a Senior Center Facility build which will be capable of handling the care and the well being of the elderly.  Recreational activities such as card games, dominoes and others fun activities will also be available.

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