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This package is for one week and all inclusive.  The price is $1300 per person from any US City to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

2017 Trip Calendar:

January 16 - January 24

February 15 - February 22

March 22 - March 29

April 26 - May 3

May 24 - May 21

June 14 - June 21

Aug 20 - Aug 27

Sept 17 - Sept 24

Oct 15 - Oct 29

Nov 12 - Nov 19

Dec 10 - Dec 17

Here is a snapshot:



2 meals a day


Working on multiple project

Site seeing R & R

It's time to discover Haiti:

Yes Haiti is a poor country, but out of the all the misery and struggles, one can discover a Haiti rich in culture, history and a trip to Haiti can change one's mind about Haiti and poverty itself.  Most of the folks I know are very happy with life.  The people is resilient. We would like to offer a different aspect of Haiti, when discovered, will make you fall in love with the country.  Haiti is beautiful with nice mountains, beaches, people, rich in culture and above all very diverse.  While we are helping the folk in Haiti, we would like to give you a tour of the richness of Haiti.  I like to call it the goodness that Haiti can offer.  Join with me and let's make an adventure and while at the same time helping the economy and the people.

A typical itinerary for a week can look as follows:

Day 1- 

International flight

Arrive in Port-Au-Prince

Check-in at Guest house, relax and enjoy dinner

Day 3-
  • 10 AM: Conference, meeting, seminars, activities with schools, orphanage etc...

Day 5 -
  • Village Tour -  Leogane  ( This is where we have 500 kids that we provide assistance to.  A medical clinic to help the sick)  Southern part of Haiti

Day 7
  • Day at beach - R and R 

  • Excursion (optional)

Day 2- 
  •  8 AM Breakfast and getting ready for different activities:

i.e ( medical teams set up - construction teams set up etc...)

Day 4-
  •  Facility tour and activities (School, Orphanage)

Day 6 -
  • Village Tour- Fonds Parisien (Located in the western part of Port-Au-Prince and we provide humanitarian assistance to women and children)

Day 8
  • Check out and back to Airport

What's the Focus? 

We are very excited about what we can do to help break the cycle of poverty in Haiti.  With you, our partners, we can truly make a difference.  A trip to Haiti help the economy, it helps agriculture.  We provide employment and we give the folks purchasing power so they can help others.  The Haitian people is not looking for a handout, but are looking for ways to make it possible for them to make a living and hopefully gives their kids an education.  At International Children Rescue, we are looking at ways to make their dreams a reality.  With your help we can make it happen.  We are striving to make a difference and it starts withyou helping us and believe in this great endeavor and together we will.

Here are some Haitian Videos for your enjoyment.

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