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In January 12th, 2010 a massive earthquake destroyed the capital of Haiti leaving a lot of kids orphans.  We decided to start by getting some kids out of the street and providing shelters and basic needs.

Then we became a full force in the community providing humanitarian assistance to schools, churches and other orphanages. Grann Verne, a woman of vision donated a piece of property so we can house the kids and put an orphanage and school so the kids can feel home and learn while growing up.  We ended up with 40 kids.


As the work is growing, we were able to dig and repair wells, built schools, provide meals to children in schools and work on many other projects as we were able to.

In Jacmel we have a school and helping the community.


In 2014 we dig and repair wells and providing tons of supplies to different communities.  We work closely with locals in Jacmel, Leogane, Fonds-Parisiens, and other parts of Haiti providing humanitarian assistance, school supplies, meals and medical help.

Our main location is located in Kenscoff.  We have a nice village under construction and we have a guesthouse ready and we are able to provide lodging to 18 people at a time.  If any group is planning to come and work with us or any other area in Haiti, they can use our facility and do their work.  We provide transportation from the airport to the guesthouse and any teams willing to go  there will have plenty to do for their stay.


Kenscoff meal packing


View of Guesthouse's sleeping quarter

well 3.jpg

Community water


Jacmel school


Well Project


Transportation Bus

Whether it is $10, $20 donation, a lot can be done.  Anything that you can donate will definitely make a difference in the lives of the folks we are in contact with everyday.

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