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International Children Rescue


Empower children by reversing community, cultural and economic deterioration. We seek to educate, feed, clothe and provide medical assistance to those in needs. We help with school construction and renovation, help orphanages and provide humanitarian assistance.


Education is our main focus but we believe in helping people be self-reliant. We believe that hard working people can generate income through jobs so they can help their families and communities. We strive to be different by providing assistance to those who will make a difference not only in their lives but in their community.


Our purposes is to link people to information so they can move from poverty to business solutions that will improve their lives. Empower children to identify and utilize their God-given strengths to learn and be community changers. Be a catalyst of change in the development of good communities.

Our Story: 

It's all started with a dream where we see so many kids lacks basics education and unable to perform to the best of their ability.  In order to make their life better than their parent's, the dream is to make sure we start them at the youngest age.  What we try to do is provide a better education by giving them the tool to get ahead and be able to get a jump start in life as they grow. We try to enlist in them self worth, good training so they can be world changers. Sometimes you asking yourself how can I make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate?  We provide the vehicle for helping kids that has nothing to loose but everything to gain.  We believe with education we can make their world better.  Let's work together to make something good in their lives.  Let's go on a tour, let's put ourselves together and change this world one kid at a time.


The dream is still alive and we are doing our best to make it a reality.  Back in October 2009 when we started, we didn't foresee the earthquake that devastated a good portion of Haiti where we not only lost love ones, but also have our main facility in Kenscoff destroyed.  We started with the rebuilding effort and we are almost complete with our reconstruction.  We have 50 orphans and today we move some of them with families in Haiti.  We also have 5 schools with 400 kids.


We are operating 5 Elementary and Primary Schools:  Kenscoff, Dourette, Thomassin, Petion-Ville, Jacmel for a total of 500 students.  Whenever school starts, we try our best to provide school supplies to all of our students.  We are trying to provide 1 meal a day to each student and we hope to start in September 2014.

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